Did you buy a (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7?

Last year, when Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, they also took the wraps off a couple of new colors. New-ish colors is probably the better way to put it. The standard Black variant, with its matte finish, looks a lot more like Apple’s Space Gray gradient, but apparently they didn’t want to carry that over to the iPhone lineup. The real stand-out new addition was Jet Black, which was glossy and prone to fingerprints, but a welcomed new member of the iPhone family.

The other colors: Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold, have been around for awhile now. Rose Gold was the latest new addition, but at this point, considering that color scheme has found its way to other Apple products, including the MacBook, it’s hard to argue that it isn’t sticking around.

So we had five different color options to choose from. And now we’ve got six.

Earlier this year, Apple announced the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. I wrote up an article about how I wish Apple would branch out in the color options and maybe give me a blue iPhone some day, but I’m not holding my breath on that one (even if the rumor mill got me excited once upon a time).

Companies launching a new color scheme well after the initial launch of their phone isn’t new. We’ve seen it time and time again. And while Apple isn’t completely immune to it, they’ve at least done a better job of releasing all of their phones and color options at the same time. This year was different, and they certainly made a mark with the eye-catching red.

And the red iPhone is really, really red. I know plenty of fans of the new color, and for good reason. It stands out, and it’s different. Especially for an iPhone. But I’m not a fan of the white front at all. I spent some time with it, and I just prefer a dark front, especially when I watch so much stuff on my phone as I do.

Earlier today, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said the company saw plenty of positive feedback and adoption of the (PRODUCT)RED lineup after its debut. We don’t (and won’t) know how many Apple sold, but I have no doubt that it’s gone over well enough. At least, as far as a variant can be after the initial phone launch happened months and months before.

And that’s my question for you tonight. Did you buy a red iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus? Do you know anyone who did? And if you, or they pulled the trigger on one, did you get rid of a different variant of the iPhone 7 to pick it up? Or did you skip the red option because you already have an iPhone 7 and you didn’t see a reason to make the lateral trade, just for a new color? Let me know!

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