Facebook Fundraiser is Kickstarter for non-profit ventures


Facebook has launched its own take on Kickstarter – a non-profit platform that allows users to raise money for worthy causes.

Fundraisers allow groups or individuals to set up a campaign page, upload a video outlining their cause, and collect money from the social network’s massive user base.

It is intended for initiatives like disaster relief, conservation efforts and charitable funding drives.

Facebook has also revamped its ‘Donate’ button to help users give money to charitable causes without leaving the social network.

“Today we’re testing fundraisers – a new tool – and improving our Donate button, to allow people to donate to charities without leaving Facebook,” said Facebook product chief Naomi Gleit.

“We hope these features help non-profits reach new supporters, engage their community and get the valuable funding they need to continue their good work.

Facebook has set up a dedicated website for anyone interested in further information about Fundraisers and donations on the service.

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