Google brings Cardboard Camera to iOS, improves sharing and adds features


“Near things look near and far things look far,” according to the Google blog. “You can look around to explore the image in all directions, and even hear sound recorded while you took the photo to hear the moment exactly as it happened.”

The iOS app also brings more sharing functions, which are new to the Android app as well. Now, whenever you tap “share,” whether it’s for multiple photos or a single one, the app will create a link that you can email, text, or post to social media. When you click the link, you’ll be able to see all the shared images or albums. If you’re on mobile, you’ll have the option of installing the app so you can view them on a VR headset.

If you do have the app, the images are saved in a “Shared with you” section.

It is nice to see Google continuing to support Cardboard VR, especially considering that the search giant is preparing to launch its Android Daydream VR platform for high-quality mobile VR content in the coming weeks. It remains unclear how Cardboard apps will play into the new platform as Daydream takes the stage, and we will report on further developments.


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