Google Launches New Privacy Hub


As a company tasked with storing and managing personal information on billions of people, Google has always faced criticism from privacy advocates. Every couple of years, a furor erupts over its use of cookies and tracking, government requests for its data, or even how its Street View vehicles capture information.

In a bid to get in front of those privacy concerns, Google has launched a new privacy-centric hub, with easily accessible information about its data-retention and security practices. If the viewer has a Google account, a link on the site will direct to a new page (My Account) that allows him or her to edit personal info and security settings for all of Google’s products.

Throughout, Google keeps pushing how much control users have over their data. The company also delves a bit into how it monetizes search—for example, with a big section that describes all the ways in which Google feeds data to advertisers. (“No. We do not sell your personal information,” the site proclaims at one point, in big black lettering.)

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While the new informational pages may assuage some users about Google’s privacy policies, it’s worth taking the time to visit the new My Account and update your security settings.

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