Google Pixel, iPhone 7 Plus Compete in Real World Speed Test – With Surprising Results



  • Pixel launches camera app faster than iPhone 7 Plus
  • Pixel falls behind iPhone 7 Plus in launching games
  • Fingerprint scanning is faster in Google Pixel

Google launched its first self-branded smartphones earlier this month and as expected, the smartphones are in direct competition with Apple’s latest iPhone models. Google Pixel smartphones were decidedly launched in same price range as the latest iPhone models and, try to provide the seamless optimisation between software and hardware that Apple’s smartphones provide. Now, the speed test comparison results for the smartphones are out and bring along a few surprises.

Several speed comparison tests in past have showed Apple’s iPhone coming out on top against almost every Android smartphone in terms of speed of launching the apps and other real-world usage scenarios. However, as per the speed test comparison video between iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixelposted by YouTuber Safwan Ahmedmia, Google’s offering comes pretty close to matching the iPhone’s speed.

As per the speed test conducted by Ahmedmia, Google Pixel was able to match the speed of iPhone when it came to launching and loading less demanding apps like Calculator, Twitter and YouTube. The smartphone was able to even outpace iPhone when it came to launching the camera from standby mode. However, when it came down to slightly more demanding tasks like launching games, Google’s offering came second best by a noticeable margin.

In the YouTuber’s second video, where he performed a speed test for fingerprint scanning, Google Pixel came ahead of Apple’s flagship.

Ahmedmia pointed out that he conducted the test between Google Pixel and iPhone 7 Plus, and not iPhone 7, as both these smartphones have a similar display resolution of 1080×1920 pixels.

These speed tests show that even though Google has made its Pixel smartphones really well, and some critics have even termed Pixel smartphones as best Android phones available, they are still not at par with iPhone. Although, this is just first generation of Pixel smartphones and if Google continues on this path, Apple might get a few reasons to be worried.


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