Google reportedly building ad-blocker into Chrome


Lots of folks run ad-blocking add-ons in their browsers, but soon Google may be adding an ad-blocker of its own to Chrome.

Google is working on an ad-blocker for both the mobile and desktop versions of Chrome. That’s according to sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal, who say that Google’s ad-blocker would filter out ads that have been deemed as bad for users by the Coalition for Better Ads. This includes pop-ups and auto-playing video ads, in addition to other ad types.

It’s said that Google’s ad-blocker would be enabled by default in Chrome. However, Google is still deciding whether its blocker will disable just the offending ads on a website or all advertising on sites with unacceptable ads.

Google might reportedly introduce this new feature in the coming weeks. However, it’s cautioned that Google could still decide to scrap this project.

While Google does rely on online advertising revenue, it’s said that the company wants to get ahead of third-party ad-blockers.

Bundling an ad-blocker into Chrome would be a big move by Google. Some browsers already try to block pop-ups and some other ads, but Google’s ad-blocker would presumably be more powerful. And Chrome is a widely-used browser, so Google’s ad-blocker could be a big deal in the world of online advertising.

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