How to Always Show the Brightness Bar on Samsung Android Phones Running Nougat

If you’ve got a modern(ish) Samsung device that’s running Nougat (like the Galaxy S7 or S8), then you’ve likely noticed a lot has changed since the Marshmallow builds. One of these things, while small, is still something a lot of people may miss: the lack of a persistent brightness bar.

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Now, don’t get me wrong here—the brightness bar is still there, but it takes a few steps to actually get to it now. If this is something you use a lot, it can be pretty annoying. Here’s how to fix it.

First, pull down the notification shade twice, which will expose the Quick Settings panel and brightness bar. See that little arrow at the end of the brightness bar? Give it a tap.

This will open a menu with a couple of toggles: Auto Brightness and Show Control on Top. Flip the latter to on, then tap “Done.”

Boom—just like that, the brightness bar will now show up at the very top of the notification shade, just below the shortlist of quick toggles. You’re welcome.

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