How to Factory Reset the SmartThings Hub


If you ever decide to sell or give your SmartThings hub to someone else, you’ll want to make sure that you reset it to the factory defaults, so the new owner can start from a clean slate. Here’s how to do that.

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Keep in mind that factory resetting your SmartThings hub will erase everything, including the connections for all your sensors, as well as any automation tasks and routines that you have set up in the app.

The process is pretty easy, and is similar to how you would reset a router. Start by locating the recessed red button on the back of the SmartThings hub.

Next, grab a paper clip or other skinny object. The hole is big enough that it can fit pencils and most pens. A mechanical pencil like the one shown below works great.

Insert the paper clip or pen in the recessed hole, then press and hold down on the red button for about 30 seconds. The LED light on the front of the hub will flash yellow. Once it stops flashing and remains solid yellow, let go of the reset button.

The LED light will turn different colors throughout the rest process, including purple and blue. It should take around ten minutes for the hub to completely reset. When it’s done, the LED light will turn green and you’ll be all set.

Again, factory resetting your SmartThings hub will completely erase everything, so be sure that resetting the hub is something you’re absolutely positive you want do, or else you’ll be setting everything back up again just like when you first bought it.

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