How to Find and Subscribe to Calendars for Just About Anything with iCalShare


Thousands of things happen every day. Your wedding anniversary, local ice hockey games, birthdays, film releases, national holidays…the list goes on. Keeping track of just the select few that are relevant to you is hard. That’s why we use calendars.

Sometimes, though, there’re events you’d love to have in your calendar that are too much hassle to add yourself…like the start time of every rugby game in the Six Nations. That’s where iCalShare comes in.

iCalShare is a website with thousands of calendars you can subscribe to. They’re mainly focused on national holidays and sporting events, but you can find calendars for everything from Xbox game releases to NASA’s launch schedule. You can subscribe to them with your favorite calendar app, like Google Calendar or iCal, and not have to worry about manually adding those events yourself.

Finding a calendar is simple. Either plug what you’re looking for into the search box…


…or browse through the categories to find the one you’re looking for.


If you use a calendar app on your computer or smartphone, click the “Subscribe to Calendar” button to add it. All the calendars use the iCal format, which is basically universal. If you’re lucky, pressing this button should automatically detect your calendar app and subscribe to the calendar for you.


If you’re using a web-based calendar like Google Calendar, though, things are a little trickier. To add a calendar, right-click on the Subscribe to Calendar button and click Copy Link.


Next, head to Google Calendar (or whatever other web-based calendar you’re using) and find the option to subscribe to a calendar. In Google Calendar, for example, you’ll click on the dropdown arrow next to Other Calendars and select Add by URL.


Paste the link you copied from iCalShare into the dialogue box and click Add Calendar.


You’re now subscribed to the calendar. Whenever it gets updated, you’ll get the new events automatically.


Isn’t that easier than adding every sporting match yourself?

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