How to Get Instant Fashion Advice from Amazon, Without the Echo Look

The Echo Look is a new device from Amazon that’s able to take a look at your outfits and tell you which one looks the best on you. However, you actually don’t need the Echo Look to get this kind of instant fashion advice from Amazon.

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The Amazon app on your smartphone actually has this feature built in, but it’s slightly buried in the app and not the easiest thing to find. Here’s how to access it and use it to see which outfit looks better on you.

Start off by opening the Amazon app on your phone and tapping on the menu button in the top-left corner of the screen.

Select “Programs and Features”.

Tap on the box that says “Can’t decide what to wear? Outfit Compare”.

Tap on “Get Started”.

Tap on “Add First Outfit”.

Select either “Take a photo” or “Photo library” (if you already took the photos).

You might get a pop-up asking the Amazon app for permission to access your phone’s photos and camera.

Take the photo or select it from your camera roll and add it. It will appear in the app to the left. Then tap on “Add Second Outfit”.

Once you’ve added the second photo, tap on “Compare Now”.

The two photos will be submitted and the process should take about a minute or less. You’ll get a notification when the results are in.

From there, Amazon will let you know which outfit looks better on you based on a few different factors, like color, how it fits, the style, and the current fashion trends.

Unfortunately, you can only compare two outfits at once. So if you have more than that, it might be best to compare two of them, and then compare the winner to another outfit that you’re deciding on.

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