How to Increase the Battery Life of Your Netgear Arlo Pro Cameras

Netgear’s Arlo Pro wireless security cameras can last anywhere from 3-6 months on a single charge, but there are a lot of factors that can affect the battery life. Here’s how to stretch it out as much as possible.

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Before we dive deep into the different tricks that you can do to save on battery life, keep in mind that you can keep your Arlo Pro cameras plugged into power 24/7. The included charging cable is about six feet long, so if it is possible for you to keep your cameras plugged in, by all means do so. However, you likely bought into the Arlo Pro system because of its wireless abilities, so read on how you can squeeze out a bit more juice from these cameras.

Change the Video Quality in the App

One of the best ways to save on battery life with the Arlo Pro is to change the video quality so that it favors battery life. The quality won’t be as good as it could be, but you’ll at least get more juice out of the cameras before you’ll have to recharge them.

To do this, open up the Arlo app and tap on the “Settings” tab at the bottom.

Select “My Devices” at the top.

Select your camera from the list.

Tap on “Video Settings”.

Scroll down and select “Best Battery Life”.

Keep the Camera Out of Cold Environments

According to Netgear, temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit can negatively affect the battery life of Arlo Pro cameras. So if you have your cameras mounted outside, you may experience decreased battery life during the winter months.

With that said, try to keep the cameras indoors if you can, and just have them pointed out a window. Obviously, this might not be the best solution depending on the layout of your house or apartment, so just be aware that you may have to charge them more frequently during the colder months.

Netgear doesn’t say anything about warmer temperatures, but heat can also negatively affect battery life as well, so keep that in mind. In the end, though, Arlo Pro cameras were designed to be placed outdoors, so don’t sweat it too much.

Stick to Well-Lit Areas

The Arlo Pro comes with night vision capabilities in the form of a built-in infrared spotlight that shines infrared light into the frame. As you would expect, this uses up extra battery life.

In fact, it can be a considerable battery hog in some circumstances. I have my Arlo Pro in my garage, which is completely dark 90% of the time. This means that the night vision capabilities on the camera are turned on most of the time. This has resulted in a 15% battery drain in just a couple of weeks, which means a battery life of around three months. This is on the lower end of Netgear’s battery life estimates.

Because of this, try to mount your cameras in areas that are well lit most of the time if you want to maximize battery life.

Avoid Weak Wi-Fi Connections

Arlo Pro cameras connect to a central base station that then connects to your router. If your cameras have a hard time keeping a solid connection with the base station, this can lower battery life.

You can see how good the connection is in the Arlo app by going into the Settings and looking at the “Connection”. If it has three full bars, you’re good to go. If not, you may need to move the camera closer to the base station in order to make the connection a little better.

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