How to Use Apple Pay Cash on the Apple Watch

How to Use Apple Pay Cash on the Apple Watch Credit: Insight Mac

With the release of watchOS 4.2 this week, Apple’s new peer-to-peer payment system — Apple Pay Cash — is now available to use for Apple Watch owners who are running the latest software.

Note: This will only work if the recipient of your payment also has Apple Pay Cash set up. Additionally, your Apple Watch will need to be paired with an iPhone running iOs 11.2 to use Apple Pay Cash.

How to Set Up Apple Pay Cash

  1. To use Apple Pay Cash on your Apple Watch, you must first set up the peer-to-peer payment platform in Wallet on your connected iPhone. We have a complete guide to setting up and using Apple Pay Cash on the iPhone, available here.

  2. Also, you must update your Apple Watch firmware to watchOS 4.2 to access the new Apple Pay Cash feature.

How to Send Cash Payments on Apple Watch

  1. Open Messages on your Apple Watch.

  2. Scroll down and tap the new Apple Pay icon when you’re viewing an iMessage conversation.

  3. Tap the Plus or Minus arrows to adjust the dollar amount.

  4. When you’re done, tap Pay.

  5. Double-click the side button to confirm the payment.

Use Siri

  1. Alternatively, you can just invoke Siri and have the digital assistant send the payment for you. Just say “Apple Pay 10 dollars to John” or “Send 10 dollars to Matt.”

How to Request & Receive Cash Payments on Apple Watch

  1. Open Messages on your Apple Watch.

  2. Navigate to an iMessage thread, and tap the Microphone button.

  3. Tell Siri something like “Ask John for $15,” or a similar phrase.

  4. Alternatively, you can just invoke Siri anywhere you normally would and ask the digital assistant to request money from a contact.

  5. To receive and accept a payment, just tap the payment in the iMessage thread and tap Accept. (That is, of course, if the setting to automatically accept payments is off.)

Paying with Apple Pay Cash in watchOS 4.2

  1. Once you set up your Apple Pay Cash card on your connected iPhone, you can use its balance to pay for transactions at any retailer that accepts Apple Pay. If you need a refresher. First, Double-click the side button.

  2. Your default card will show up. Swipe left or right until you see your Apple Pay Cash card.

  3. Hold the Apple Watch up to the contactless reader.

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