India’s First Common Testing Center for Drones to be Set up in Tamil Nadu

The Government of Tamil Nadu has announced that it will set up the country’s first common testing centre for drones at an outlay of Rs 45 crore. The facility will come up over 2.3 acres at the SIPCOT industrial park in Vallam Vadagal near Sriperumbudur.

The testing centre will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to test the performance of drones in various conditions, such as weather, altitude, and payload. It will also have a flight simulator to train drone pilots.

The testing centre is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. Once operational, it will be a major boost to the drone industry in India. It will help to ensure the safety and reliability of drones, and it will also make it easier for businesses to adopt drones for a variety of applications.

The setting up of the drone testing centre is in line with the Government of India’s plan to promote the use of drones in various sectors, such as agriculture, logistics, and infrastructure. The government has also announced a number of incentives for drone manufacturers and operators.

The drone testing centre in Tamil Nadu is expected to play a significant role in the growth of the drone industry in India. It will help to make India a global hub for drone manufacturing and innovation.

In addition to the testing centre, the government of Tamil Nadu is also taking other steps to promote the use of drones. For example, it has waived the registration fee for drones and has simplified the process of obtaining a drone pilot’s license.

The government’s initiatives are expected to help to create a favourable environment for the growth of the drone industry in Tamil Nadu. The state is well-positioned to become a major hub for drone manufacturing and innovation.

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