KeyMouse: A new take on the traditional keyboard and mouse

Since 1984, not a lot has changed in terms of the two things that we use to converse with our desktop and laptop computers – keyboards and mice/trackpads. That’s why when fellow TUAW editor Dave Caolo pointed me towards a fascinating Kickstarter project named KeyMouse, I thought I’d better pass along the news to TUAW readers.

KeyMouse is a Bluetooth keyboard with a big difference; it splits the traditional QWERTY keyboard into two halves, one for each hand. Your hand sits comfortable atop a central “bulge” that keeps your fingers in the proper position for ergonomic typing, and the entire KeyMouse moves as an optical mouse.

There are a ton of buttons that you can customize to your needs, whether you’re a gamer or using the keyboard and mouse combo for design work.

The prototypes were shown at CES 2015 in early January, and the team is now about 41 percent funded with 11 days to go in the campaign. Anyone who’s looking for a much more comfortable and natural way to type and mouse around the screen might want to back the project for US$249 or more.

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