Leica’s new instant camera has a selfie mode


The Sofort is a strange duck. It’s a $300 instant camera by premium manufacturer Leica that looks a bit like a real world version of the Instagram logo. The price puts it well over Fujifilm’s offerings that also run on the Japanese company’s Instax technology, but this Leica we’re talking about here, so it’s really only natural that there will be a notable premium in pricing.

The camera sports a handful of different modes, including, notably, self-portrait, a classier, more Leica way of saying selfie, which has a built self-timer mode. There’s also a rectangular mirror on front, so users can look at their face as they take a picture of it. Other featured modes including Macro, Action, and People & Party.

There are a number of auto features, along with a manual override, which adjust things like focus on and brightness. Leica’s also got its own branded film specially for the Sofort, in both black and white and color, featuring “warm cream color” frames designed, no doubt, in homage to classic offerings from Polaroid.

The camera and film will hit Leica stores and dealers in November.

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