Logitech’s Circle 2 is a modular home surveillance tool with Alexa and HomeKit support

I recently sat down with Logitech to talk about the wired and wireless versions of the Circle 2: a modular home surveillance camera with four different mounts that change where and how you’d use the camera.

The modular approach stems from four different mounts: the first is a glass window mount, so you can see outdoors without glare. Second is the plug mount, ensuring you’ll never have to charge the wireless version, since it will always be connected to a power source (think in your kitchen or desk).

Of course, none of this matters without serious imaging capability: the Circle 2’s max resolution is 1080p HD, with night vision on 180 degree wide-angle lens and a two-way talk and listen feature for greeting — or sternly warning — your fellow humans.

The other two mount options include a weatherproof extension, with an insulated cable for use outdoors and lastly, a rechargeable battery pack that purportedly lasts three months on a single charge.

The Circle 2 works on its own with companion iOS and Android apps, which comes with 24-hours of free, two-way encrypted cloud storage. But if that isn’t enough, Logitech offers different streaming plans: the basic plan gets you 14-days of video storage while the premium service offers 31-days of storage and additional surveillance tricks.

It’s worth noting the premium plan unlocks two features on the Circle 2 : you can set custom motion zones within a room or area, as well as person detection; if you want to catch UPS at the door.

You can completely side-step Logitech’s apps by linking the camera to an Amazon Echo, for use with Alexa. When the Circle 2 and Alexa are paired, you can initiate recordings and control the core settings.

Hitting a bit of snag at launch, but something that will be arriving with an upcoming update, Logitech will activate compatibility with Apple’s HomeKit spec.

Regarding availability, the Circle 2 is slated to ship in July. The Circle 2 Wired version will retail for is $179.99 at Logitech.com, while its more versatile wireless counterpart will go for $199. Meanwhile, the Circle 2 mounts and accessories will range from $29 to $49.

Brick-and-mortar availability includes Best Buy, Amazon and Apple stores, also set for July.

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