MacBook Price in India Increased by Up to Rs. 10,000




  • The 12-inch MacBook now starts at Rs. 112,900
  • The faster variant is costlier by Rs. 10,000
  • The MacBook was last updated in April

While the entire world was focussed on the launch of the new MacBook Pro, Apple India decided to quietly increase the price of the MacBook by as much as Rs. 10,000. The change happened last week, and Apple India’s website has been updated to reflect the new prices.

The 12-inch MacBook now starts at Rs. 112,900, an increase of Rs. 6,000 from last October, when prices across the entire Mac line were revised. The variant with a faster processor and double the SSD storage now retails at Rs. 129,990 139,900, an increase of Rs. 10,000. The US price of the MacBook remains unchanged, as does the India price of other Mac desktops and laptops, so the move is curious to say the least. As always, these are maximum retail prices, and the products may be available at lower prices online as well as offline.

The MacBook was last updated in April with sixth-generation Intel Skylake processor as well as slightly faster RAM and PCIe-based flash storage. A new Rose Gold colour option was also added, to go with the Space Grey, Gold, and Silver variants available at the time.With the 11-inch MacBook Air discontinued, the MacBook is the smallest portable Mac that Applecurrently offers. If the 13-inch MacBook Air is discontinued in the near future as well, it is likely that the MacBook will get a makeover and be repositioned to become the new entry-level portable Mac – when that happens is anyone’s guess.

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