Microwave Chip Maker – REAL Potato Chips – No fat nor Oil!

Chip Maker

Microwave Chip Maker – REAL Potato Chips – No fat nor Oil!

www.pamperedchef.biz/sebastian – A Quick video showing you how you could make, with a little help of some of The Pampered Chef products, your own chips at ho…
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2012-06-14 – Chocolate Coconut Milk Sundae – 0023
Chip Maker
Image by smiteme
A Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream sundae! With chocolate sprinkles, chocolate chips, extra coconut, and a waffle bowl. YUM.

Recipe: www.easyvegan.info/2012/07/13/chocolate-coconut-milk-ice-…

Computer science or computer engineering degree?

Which degree would be better for me? I like computers and would like to have a building custom computers or programming (I would even want to work for AMD or a chip maker, but I doubt that’s possible). I would just like to know what I would be able to do with either one? Could someone post a list of what I can do with either one, or if you have a degree in either one if you could tell me what you do on a daily basis or give me an idea?

Chip Maker best answer:

Answer by bob_whelan1944
An education is best. You must actually learn something.

Chip Maker
Image by Fulla T
Of course I canna remember for sure but I think this was shot at 60fps. (Multi-shot stills – not video) Just bunged on via Windows Live Movie Maker as I had never tried it before ?

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