Moment’s new iPhone case will supercharge your photography


The iPhone camera is good right out of the pocket. Mobile lens company Moment Inc. launched three years ago believing it could make it even better.

It’s lens attachments have become favorites for many serious iPhone photographers trying to expand the range of the device’s fixed lens. Now, Moment is mounting an ambitious Kickstarter campaign with three new products to bolster the performance of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus cameras.

While Moment has redesigned a bright beautiful new wide lens, photographers familiar with Moment might be most excited by its new battery case, which doubles the phone’s battery power, provides a faster DSLR-style shutter button and a lens-mounting interface on its 7 Plus case that lets a user slide their Moment glass over the wide or telephoto lens.

This will appeal to mobile shooters who tend to run down their batteries pretty quick on shoots, which forces them to carry an external battery or two.

The new wide lens is an impressive chunk of glass, redesigned to accommodate the larger aperture on the 7 series while promising sharper edges and corners, easier alignment and “cinematic” quality. Moment also has a new minimalist case that adds just 3mm of thickness to your device while doing double duty in protecting the phone and providing a lens mount.


Moment is trying to raise $500,000 on Kickstarter for production of all three products. The minimalist case can be had for a pledge of $20, the battery photo case starts at $69. With an adaptor, older Moment lenses will fit on these cases.

The new wide lens will eventual retail for $99. For the campaign, Moment is offering an assortment of kit options that let users pick the lenses of their choice, including the new wide lens.

While Kickstarter projects don’t always pan out, Moment got its start with the crowdfunding site and knows how to work the various phases of production. If Moment reaches its funding goal by April, it expects to begin shipping new products by June.

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