New Google Pixel image leaks out


Can’t get enough Google leaks ahead of the company’s October 4 event? No? Good, because another one has surfaced.

A new render of the Google Pixel phone has leaked out. Shared by VentureBeat, the render shows the front of the smaller Pixel, though rumors have suggested that the designs of the two phones will be fairly similar, so the front of the Pixel XL could look like this, too.

On the front of this Pixel phone is a camera, earpiece, and sensor, and on the side we can see what are likely power/lock and volume buttons. The display shows the leaked Pixel/Nexus Launcher that we’ve seen in the past, complete with the new Google “G” tab and date widget as well as the refreshed app dock and drawer. We can see white on-screen navigation buttons and round app icons, too.


While today’s image leak doesn’t show the back of the Pixel, previous leaks have shown that it’ll have a glass insert that’ll house a fingerprint reader as well as the rear camera and flash.

Finally, it’s said that the Pixel and Pixel XL will be sold by Verizon in the US, which will be good for getting them in front of the general public. It’s also expected that they’ll be sold unlocked, which is welcome news for everyone not on Verizon. Pricing for the Pixel is rumored to start at $649.

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