New Sky Q box could add dedicated Netflix app, broadcaster teases


​Sky today unveiled its next-generation subscription-based TV platform, Sky Q, with the premium service adding support for select third-party content providers.

As well as all the usual Sky Movies and box sets content, Sky Q supports apps from services such as YouTube, Vevo, GoPro and Red Bull, to fill out the on-demand roster.

The broadcaster hasn’t bitten the bullet and opened its doors to rival services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant video, though. At least, not yet.

But that could be about to change, and sooner than you might think, with the broadcaster exclusively revealing to Digital Spy that despite not hosting a Netflix app on day one, it’s not ruling out bestowing Sky Q with the popular service in the near future.

Questioned on the possibility of a Sky Q Netflix app, Luke Bradley-Jones, Sky’s Brand Director for TV Products told us: “We are always starting discussions with new partners.”

He added: “I wouldn’t ever rule Netflix in or out, but we will continue to add new partners moving forward and we’ll see where that takes us.”


So, if a Netflix Sky Q app is on the cards, why isn’t it coming on day one? According to Bradley-Jones, it all comes down to consumer demand and existing partnerships.

“What we’ve focussed on at launch is the partners that drive the greatest share of customers’ TV viewing, and what customers most frequently ask for,” he said.

“YouTube is a great example. Time after time in research groups, people say they want to watch YouTube content on the big screen. So that’s where we’ve started.”

As well as a new interface and 4K-friendly set-top box, Sky Q introduces a number of new features to the pay-TV service, including cross-device and offline recordings access and improved multi-room viewing.

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