Nextbit Robin update rolling out with security patches, app updates


Nextbit Robin owners, a new update is coming your way.

Nextbit today announced a new update for its Robin smartphone that includes the latest Android security patches. Also included are fixes to address the QuadRooter vulnerability and other related security issues.

When it comes to non-security tweaks, this update brings new versions of all of Nextbit’s “key” apps. For example, the gallery app includes a photo editing feature that’ll let you add a filter, crop, rotate and tune your images. To access it, view a single image and tap the pencil icon.

This sounds like a nice little update that adds a few new features and security patches to help keep your safe. Many people keep personal data on their devices, and if you do, it’s important that you keep your phone up-to-date with security fixes. So if you’ve got a Robin, keep an eye out for this October update.

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