One of the coolest things about the health & fitness tracking zeitgeist is that it’s ignited an arms race of sorts, and helped to bring medical tech out of the lab. It’s not just about accelerometers that track steps anymore — it’s heart rate sensors, pulse oximeters, and ballistocardiography. More and more, extremely complex and sophisticated technologies are shrinking down and making their way into our pockets.

Skulpt’s Aim device is a perfect example of this trend, winning it a DT Top Tech award at CES this year. The device uses a technique known as Electrical Impedance Myography, which is essentially a way of quantifying muscle quality by analyzing how a tiny electrical current flows through tissue. Just hold it up to the muscle you want to measure, and within seconds Skulpt will give you a  reading on body fat percentage and muscle quality for that area — information that’s far more insightful than your body weight, waistline, or the number of calories you burned on a given day.


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