Solar Energy Farm Floats on Reservoir


Solar panel farms tie up large tracts of land. In small countries that can be a problem. French company Ciel et Terre has a solution: float solar arrays on reservoirs, quarry lakes, irrigation canals or remediation ponds. The installation can make these waterways serve a double purpose, while at the same time reducing evaporation.


Crazy Solar Power Plants

The United Kingdom is getting its first floating solar farm near Berkshire. Eight hundred photovoltaic panels are being installed on a reservoir at Sheeplands Farm near Wargrave.

The project, which has a capacity of of 200W, will cost the farmer who owns that land, Mark Bennett, about $405,000. But he’ll make that up in about six years, since he’ll earn $32,000 a year for the power generated and will also save nearly $40,000 every year on the electricity he would normally have to buy to power his farm.


Solar-Powered Bulbs Brighten Off-Grid Homes

Similar installations have gone up in France and India, and the world’s largest project — with a 1.7MW output — will eventually be installed in Japan.

With a life expectancy of 30 years, the rewards speak for themselves.


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