Stylish Huawei Fit activity tracker monitors your heart rate for $130


It looks like Huawei doesn’t want anything to distract us from the headliner of today’s Munich hardware announcement event, voluntarily letting a few images of the Fit wearable slip yesterday, and now fully unveiling (minimal fanfare and all) the “international” Honor Watch S1counterpart.

As always, US tech consumers will be asked to pay a small premium compared to folks over in China, with the Huawei Fit slated to roll out across retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy and Newegg in a matter of hours at $129.99, up from the $104-equivalent 700 Yuan.

That’s still considerably cheaper than the Huawei Watch we’re left waiting to be upgraded, and the main difference is build quality. Don’t get us wrong, this watch-styled circular fitness tracker is by no means ugly… for a low-cost tracker, but it arguably leans closer to a Pebble Time Round rival than an Apple Watch “killer.”

Expect a relatively low-res screen to be confirmed and further detailed at Mate 9’s introduction, which will however do wonders for battery life, estimated at around six days. Since there’s no built-in GPS or cellular support in tow, the key selling points of the Huawei Fit include (allegedly) accurate heart rate monitoring from your wrist, step counting, multi-sport mode capabilities, and sleep analysis.

All in all, not bad for an affordable basic wearable with (some) smartwatch functionality. But the best from Huawei is yet to come.

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