Swiftech Introduces Fully Customizable Limited Edition CPU Water Blocks

Swiftech announced its first “Heirloom Series” event featuring the new Apogee SKF. During this limited-time event, customers will be able to mix and match water block components for a truly customized look.

The Apogee SKF features an entirely new cooling engine made of densely packed fins that are less that 125μm (microns)thick. The company claims that this new process is at least “one generation ahead” of the competition. Fin count is important because the greater the surface area you have exposed to the coolant, the more heat energy can be drawn into the cooling system. Think of it the same way you would a traditional heatsink except, instead of using air to cool the fins of the heatsink, water is forced through the inlet side of the block, across these extremely fine cooling fins, and then out of the block via the outlet, taking absorbed heat energy with it. This new design will be the foundation for Swiftech’s next-generation water blocks.

Those of you looking for a custom look, or simply to color match your system, will no doubt like the fact that the new Heirloom Series blocks will be available in five different finishes, with cover plates that come in a half dozen colors, eight logo colors, and two different color mounting brackets. Swiftech even offers (for an additional charge) a custom engraving option for up to sixteen characters on the water block. This allows for a multitude of different combinations and style options.

Swiftech said this is the first of many “Heirloom Series” events. This event will run for either four weeks or until the company’s stock of fin plates is depleted, whichever comes first. Future events are planned for other components such as GPU water blocks, reservoirs, and radiators. These new CPU blocks can be pre-ordered now for $95. Shipping begins in August.

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