T-Mobile SyncUp Drive can create a Wi-Fi hotspot in your car and analyze vehicle diagnostics


T-Mobile today confirmed a new device that’ll launch soon, but this product isn’t a smartphone, tablet, or wearable.

The T-Mobile SyncUp Drive is a device that will give your car its own Wi-Fi network. The SyncUp Drive plugs into a vehicle’s OBD-II (on-board diagnostics) port, a feature included with most cars made after 1996. Once hooked up, the device sucks in T-Mobile 4G LTE and spits it out as a Wi-Fi signal, letting you get Wi-Fi-only devices inside the car online.

In addition to functioning as a Wi-Fi hotspot, the SyncUp Drive can give you diagnostic information on your vehicle. The OBD-II port is often used by mechanics to diagnose problems with your vehicle, but with the SyncUp drive, you can also analyze your driving habits, keep track of the location of your vehicle (like if your kid is driving it), set speeding alerts, and more.

Because it’s plugged into your car’s ODB-II port, the SyncUp Drive doesn’t require charging. You can manage the device from your smartphone and also get notifications for things like when your car has entered or left a designated area, any issues that your car might be having, or when the SyncUp Drive is removed.

T-Mobile’s new SyncUp Drive could come in handy for folks that regularly need to connect Wi-Fi devices in their car, like parents with kids and tablets. Because it’s always plugged in, you don’t need fiddle with turning on a mobile hotspot like you would with a regular smartphone. Plus, it’ll help parents keep track of young drivers and make sure that they’re being responsible behind the wheel.

The SyncUp Drive will launch at T-Mobile on November 18 at a price of $149.99. For a limited time, the ZTE-built device will be free (via bill credits) with a 24-month finance agreement and 2GB or higher mobile internet plan.

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