Take an 18-minute look at how to fool Touch ID with Tested and fake fingers


It’s possible to fool Touch ID but, as we’ve been saying since it came out, it isn’t easy. The folks atTested were curious about new methods of fooling the sensor and set out to find the perfect tool, a fake finger to trick them all. Their end results prove our original findings, that fooling Touch ID is still an incredibly difficult prospect.

Of course largely failing to bypass the system doesn’t mean their efforts aren’t incredibly interesting. Using photos, finger prints, silicon pressings, etching, and computers Tested shows exactly how much effort it takes to make even the most ineffectual solution to “hacking” Touch ID.

Obviously we wouldn’t be sharing this video with you if we thought it would actually teach you how to break into someone’s phone. Rather this is merely a fascinating look at the science of testing out mobile security features, a gift for those of you who want to debunk your scared Uncle who believes Touch ID can be easy fooled. Enjoy.

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