Tesla to ‘hopefully’ launch the Model 3 in India this summer: Elon Musk


India’s wait to drive — and the world’s wait to see it ride —  Tesla’s autonomous and electric car Model 3 on its poorly maintained, and overly crowded roads will come to an end this year.

Addressing a person’s question, Elon Musk said Tuesday night the company plans to debut its car in India this summer (period between the latter part of June and beginning of September).

To much fanfare, Musk announced the Tesla Model 3 — the “affordable”, mass-market, $35,000 electric vehicle — last year.

Surprising many, Musk said that Tesla Model 3 will be available to purchase in several new markets including India, New Zealand, Brazil, and South Africa and opened pre-orders for $1,000. The delivery of the car was expected to begin by the end of 2017.

Several businessmen have showed interest in Tesla’s arrival in India. Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma, VC Mahesh Murthy, entrepreneur Vishal Gondal were among the few people who pre-ordered the Model 3 last year.

The final price of the Model 3 is likely to carry a heavy import duty, as per domestic law. According to media reports, Tesla and the Indian government has had talks on getting the car manufacturer to setup a plant in the country.

This would allow Tesla to manufacture locally and avail several tax concessions and benefits from the government. Though, reports have claimed that Tesla will only commit to it if the Model 3 gets a good reception in India.


Regardless, it will be nothing short of a delight for many to see an autonomous vehicle on Indian roads. India has some of the world’s worst maintained roads even in urban areas with scant respect for traffic rules.

Another challenge for Tesla would be to set up its network of Superchargers where owners would be able to charge their cars. Earlier last year Musk had confirmed the company would set up the network across India.

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