The Moto Mods ecosystem expands with a car dock and Mophie battery backup


At launch, the Moto Z was compatible with three different modular backings (four if you count the shell projector): a Motorola pico projector, a speaker from JBL and an Incipio battery pack. Shortly after launch, the company brought a little camera brand legitimacy to the ecosystem with a Hasselblad back featuring 10x optical zoom.

Not a huge number, sure, but it was certainly a more impressive offering than any other recent attempt at a modular handset. Since then, however, things have pretty much slowed to a crawl on the announcement front, as the company focuses on opened up third-party development, partnered with Indiegogo and readied some hackathons.

This week, however, Motorola offered a peek into the future, including a potential Project Tango AR camera. This week the company also doubled down on its commitment to the Moto Mods line, noting that the company plans to launch more mods next year than it did this – the total number of which is now up to seven with two recent launches.

Incipio has come back for seconds, with the launch of the phone’s first snap on auto accessory, the $65 Car Dock, which not only keeps the phone in place vertically or horizontally, but also routes its audio into the car and keeps the phone charged. When docked, the phone switches into Android Auto mode, as well.

Mophie has also unsurprisingly joined the fray with a Juice Pack, the second battery add-on for the system. The new Mod is notably larger than its predecessor, bringing a 3,000mAh battery to the offGrid’s 2,200. It will also run you $80, a $20 premium over the Incipio version. Mophie’s model also brings a USB C port for charging while the pack is attached to the phone. Mophie has, of course, been experimenting a modular system of its own, as well.

Both Mods are set to ship soon.

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