In this list we feature the top 10 best bass earbuds of 2016 that produce thedeepest, tightest and most incredible bass, period. These earbuds are capable of producing a stunning amount of bass with their enhanced drivers and will turn your listening experience into a thrilling cinematic ride. The bass from these earbuds are the deepest, tightest and most ear throbbing you would ever hear – we tested every single one of these to ensure that they are the best (including a bass and sound quality rating).

They will literally rock your world and transform your music listening experience like never before. These earbuds are a true audiophile bass head delight and we guarantee that you’ll love these earbuds as much as we did. Furthermore, at the time of writing, some of these best bass earbuds are selling at an amazing 45% discount, so be sure to check them out.


Bass Rating: 8/10 + Very tight and punchy lows; no need to adjust equalizer

Sound Quality: 8/10 +Smooth, natural sound with clear emphasis on highs and mids

Comfort: 10/10 + Extremely lightweight; earpieces are small and comfortable to wear

Value: 10/10 +Unbeatable value at this price range; one of the best bass earbuds

The B&O PLAY H3s by BANG & OLUFSEN are one of the best bass earbuds available at a reasonable price. These are custom-designed in-ear headphones from B&O – each piece is crafted from a solid block of aluminium, ultra-light and provides very impressive sound and bass performance. They provide dynamic full tone sound design integrating a custom designed 10.8 mm driver, and are able to reproduce the original sound material as authentically as possible. The acoustic design also includes a miniature bass port in an internal cabinet, which provides very good performance in the low frequencies and bass output. These best bass earbuds are clearly designed not to have fatiguing sound, but smooth clear sound with an emphasis on bass output.

The sound performance of the B&O H3s is a perfect balance (not a flat signature, but a perfectly balanced) of the bass with the mids and highs. We found the lows very present and pure, and punchy. The bass on these earbuds are by far one of the deepest and best we have heard at this price range. The bass on the H3s is tight and far punchier than what you’d expect from conventional earbuds, and does not sound muddy at all. They sound much more full and open than you would expect from an in-ear earphone.

While listening to music with the H3s, we felt that we were enjoying the tracks like the artists intended them to be enjoyed. The feel of the bass, beat and the rich smooth tones of the lows were a key highlight of the H3 sound signature. While the lows are pure, it does not kill the mids and highs. In fact, with the lows present, the mids shines through with highs tight and crisp.

Comfort-wise, the H3s are nothing short of excellent. You can literally wear these things in your ears all day. They are super light and do not rest anywhere on your ear, which eradicates the possibility of ear fatigue. Furthermore, the H3s do not go directly into your ear canal – these plop in without making your ears feel naughty or violated. The cable is very thin and surprisingly durable – it seems that B&O made a conscious decision to keep the H3s very light. The H3s also come with a good quality microphone that works well with iPhone. The weight of the wiring does not bare down on the earbuds; you can walk and run with these earbuds securely fastened in your ears without having to worry about them coming off. They are one of the best earbuds in terms of comfort and design.

The Verdict? The B&O H3s are truly one of the best bass earbuds of 2016. If you are looking for a good quality set of earbuds that delivers stellar bass response, is lightweight, comfortable and durable, the H3s are the ones to get. They are built for heavy bass output and reproduce low frequencies very well without any muddiness. The bass is tight and punchy and at the right places without flooding your ears.  It also has a very natural sound, and reproduces the soundtrack as authentically as possible. To top it off, the H3s also have a very attractive design that exudes quality and material comfort.



Bass Rating: 8/10 +Tight, punchy bass with ability to adjust bass output with bass knobs

Sound Quality: 9/10 +Very good soundstage, with clear highs and mids

Comfort: 7/10 + Over the ear design, although earpieces can feel slightly bulky

Value: 10/10 – Now selling an amazing 45% discount

The Sennheiser IE80s are high-end and one of the best bass earbuds available in the sound industry, which are now selling at an amazing 45% discount off the total price. The sound quality is just awesome, very clear and detailed, with a wide soundstage with most music genres. Each earpiece can have its own bass level adjusted with a small screwdriver, and on the default lowest bass setting these earbuds will have your head throbbing with its tight and punchy bass. It features dynamic speaker systems with powerful neodymium magnets to produce incredible sonic accuracy, and has the ability to attenuate ambient noise of up to 20dB. It also comes with a sleek ergonomic design and extremely durable housing and a rugged, interchangeable cable. For those looking for the best bass earbuds, the IE80s are a true audiophile delight.

In terms of audio quality, the IE80s were straight out of the box impressive. These earbuds have a very large soundstage – it feels like a huge place inside your ears. No matter what kind of music we tested this with, we were awed by the sound they produce. In particular, the bass and mids are perfect. The bass is pretty tight and the mids are lush with plenty of warmth. The treble is also amazing, with no sibilance even at the highest volume. This is an incredible feat because you get to enjoy the cymbals and clangs better with absolute detail – instrument separation is superb. The IE80s are only 16 ohms and it doesn’t take a lot to drive it; a dedicated amp would add little to no benefit over the source. This means you can easily drive it with your mobile phone and mp3 player. It also comes with a Sansa Clip Zip, which makes this a perfect companion for the gym.

A key feature with the IE80s is the bass knobs. Each earpiece comes with a bass knob which can be adjusted using the earpiece cleaning tool provided in the case. Increasing it will change the bass response; it can be useful if you want to tune up your bass output to the maximum. The bass produced by these earbuds are tight and punchy, without muddying the mids and getting too “boomy”. Another useful tip while handling the bass knobs is to correct the balance between the level of bass in each earpiece due to the fitting provided by the ear tips.

In terms of comfort, the IE80s have an over the ear design, which prevents the earpieces from falling off easily. This makes these earbuds secure when it comes to outdoor activities, and is definitely an added plus if you need music on the go. That said, we felt that the earpieces were a little bulky. The default rubber tips that come with these earbuds are superb; they are very thin and almost feels like they don’t exist in your ears. Listening for hours on the go feels natural, and the audio detail is the best we have ever tested. We recommend sticking to the default rubber tips if you wish for the best quality audio.

The built quality of these IEMs is top-notch. The IE 80’s certainly stand out when it comes to looks. A brushed metallic finish to the outside housing gives it a classy look. The cables themselves feel very strong and sturdy. Much different than the ones from the CX series from Sennheiser. The 3.5mm pin area is well fortified, so its going to last pretty long. If that weren’t enough, you can change the cables as and when you feel the need to. Furthermore, the sound isolation provided is pretty decent. The housing is well sealed, and the cables have a good resistance to micro-phonics.

The Verdict? The Sennhieser IE80s are hands down one of the best bass earbuds you can buy at a reasonable price. Furthermore, they are now selling at an amazing 45% discount, making them highly value for money. Audiophiles will definitely love the tight and punchy bass produced by these earbuds. They have extremely good soundstage, and reproduce mids and highs very accurately. The build quality is also top-notch; making these highly durable and even with interchangeable cables should the need arise. At such a discounted price, it is difficult to go wrong with these best bass earbuds.


Bass Rating: 10/10 + Incredibly deep bass; true audiophile bass head delight!

Sound Quality: 8/10 +Warmer mids, good soundstage but less “analytical” sound signature

Comfort: 9/10 + Comfortable universal fit IEM design; lightweight

Value: 7/10 + Price on the steeper range; build for serious bass head audiophiles

The Westone W50s are an audiophile bass head delight in every sense of the word. Although on a slightly more expensive range of best bass earbuds, they are simply one of the very best in the audiophile range especially for bass heads. If you are craving a smooth sound with a more dominant mid-bass impact, warmer mids and a fun signature, the W50s will definitely pound hard on your eardrums. The W50s produces great sound with the foam ear pieces, deep bass response and clarity throughout, although they may need time for burn in. It features a 5-driver system with an unrivalled sound signature, exchangeable metallic red, gold and gunmetal faceplates, as well as a robust replaceable cable. It even comes with a 3-buttom Apple control system with microphone, and Westone’s True-Fit technology makes wearing these earbuds very comfortable.

In terms of audio performance, the W50s has a warm smooth lush sound, very similar to W60, but with a more noticeable low end emphasis and even thicker lower mids. This low end emphasis makes sound geared more toward V-shaped signature (maybe even borderline L-shaped). Soundstage has a good level of width and depth, but due to thicker sound the layering and separation is not at their best. This also affects imaging where sound can get a bit congested in more complex song passages. But all this put together is actually not a negative comment since the intention of W50s are not to be analytical detailed headphones but rather Audiophile Basshead in-ear monitors!

We also found that the low end has a great extension down to a textured layer of sub-bass, followed by a mid-bass boost with a smooth slower attack and a longer decay. Even with such enhanced bass, we wouldn’t call it bloated, but rather warm and rounded. The Midrange has a thick warm lower mids that give a lot of body to a sound, and together with low end they do overpower spectrum balance a bit, taking away from some upper mids clarity. Upper mids have a lot of similarity with W60, but they feel a bit recessed due to V-shaped sound sig nature.

Treble is also very similar to W60, where it’s smooth and clear, but has an early roll off. You will never experience sibilance or fatigue listening to W50, the warm lush sound stays throughout entire frequency range.

The biggest improvement in the W50s in the Westone line is the mid-bass boost where sub-bass is nearly the same. The W50s has a higher quantity of mid-bass boost which spills a little into lower mids. As a result, the sound is a more V-shaped, with mids (and vocal/details) taking a step back in favor of a more predominant bass boost. That said, we found that the W50 upper mids still have plenty of clarity, although a touch less detail in comparison to the W60s. Once you dive into a bass heavy or bass-drum pounding track – hold on to your seat and enjoy the basshead ride from the W50s!

When it comes to a design, Westone bean-shaped shells are among the most comfortable universal fit IEMs we have tested. This is a good example of how they have an advantage over competition while drawing from a pool of their knowledge and experience of designing ergonomic hearing protection products. These headphone shells have a very stick and lightweight rounded design, and the most important – they stay the same size regardless of driver configuration, with an exception of W10/W20 being slightly smaller. Westone model index is based on a number of drivers, where W10 or UM Pro 10 correspond to a single BA driver, while 20/30/40/50/60 represent up to 6 BA drivers per shell. It’s quite possible they take advantage of combined BA driver modules to reduce number of components, and we can confirm there is no difference in size or shape going from 4-driver W40 to 5-driver W50 or 6-driver W60.

Finally, Westone includes many unique eartips bundled with their accessories. We recommend going through them and spending more time to figure out which is the more comfortable; selection of the correct eartip size is very crucial in sound shaping. Ensuring a proper seal of your ear canal opening will guarantee the best sound balance, and will control the amount of bass bloat.

The Verdict? The Westone W50s are geared towards extreme bass heads with a heavy emphasis on the lows and mids. They are well and truly one of the best bass earbuds of 2016 you can find on the market. The bass produced on these are unbelievably punchy and tight. These best bass earbuds have plenty of clarity on the upper mids with an emphasis on the bass, although are slightly less analytical in their overall sound signature. That said, the W50s are built to be an audiophile bass head delight – if you are looking for the best bass earbuds that produce tight and unbeatable bass response – the W50s are definitely the ones you should get.



Bass Rating: 10/10 + +The deepest, punchiest and most powerful bass ever heard

Sound Quality: 10/10 +Unreal soundstage, incredibly balanced sound, crystal clear treble

Comfort: 8/10 + Able to wear for extended periods of time, although in-ear monitors are slightly larger

Value: 7/10 + One of the most expensive audiophile earbuds on the market

The Shure SE846-CL Sound isolating earbuds is one of the priciest, high-end best bass earbuds we have ever tested. The bass on these beasts are rock solid deep. These earbuds feature quad hi-definition micro-drivers for extended high-end clarity and unparalleled low-end performance and adjustable sound signatures via changeable nozzle inserts and removable metal nozzles. It also comes with a patented earphone design with ground-breaking low-pass filter which provides incredibly deep low-end performance of a true subwoofer without sacrificing clarity or detail. It also has incredibly low impedance due to a dedicated built-in amplifier which pushes the 4 drivers very well – using an ipod, iphone or anything with a quality internal dac is really all you need for a superb sound experience.

The sound experience from the SE846-CLs is unreal, magical, and pure bliss. The soundstage and layering of these in-ear monitors is unbelievable – the spatial soundstage here is unreal – it’s difficult to describe how large and spacious it is. There is so much open airness to these and again the layer and separation is excellent. They are incredibly balanced, crystal clear treble, perfectly present mids and the bass. The bass here is deep, very detailed, and punches deeply when the song calls for it. Not a detail is missed with these earbuds, nothing is rolled off, nothing is overemphasized. Even at low volumes these earbuds project an insane amount – this may just be the first flawless sounding earbuds we ever tested.

Furthermore, the sub-bass is incredible in these amazing in-ear monitors. These earbuds simply take things down to another level with the low frequencies it can reach. The bass is there and not overwhelming and the highs are crisp and clear. The very low impedance of only 9 ohms also makes these drivable by mobile devices and get good volume without having to turn it up all the way.

The design and build quality of the SE846-CLs are rock solid. There is no weak part to these earbuds. They fit over your ear with memory wire and seal tightly in your ear canal with the included rubber tips for robust sound isolation. There is no disruption from outside noise at all and with the music playing you literally cannot hear anything – the sound isolation is stunning. These earbuds also come with three nozel inserts – bright (slightly geared towards higher frequencies), neutral (balanced)and warm (slightly geared toward lower frequencies). Shure provides very detailed instructions on how to change these nozel inserts.

Comfort-wise, these earbuds are very comfortable and stay in your ears – there is no pain or discomfort caused by them. You can wear them for hours without any issues. That said, these are large in-ear monitors and noticeably larger as compared to the SE535s. We were comfortable with wearing these for extended periods although these are not the type you’d take on a walk or jog in the park.

The Verdict? Apart from being the most expensive earbuds we have reviewed to date, the SE846-CLs are undoubtedly one of the world’s best bass earbuds and well worth the money if you love your music and are thoroughly dedicated about your earbuds. The bass on these earbuds are the among the deepest, punchiest and most powerful we have ever heard in a earphone. They are incredibly portable and easily driven by your mobile devices. We cannot image anyone not being thrilled with these earbuds; if you are willing to make a serious investment in audiophile technology, the SE846s are the king of the hill.


Bass Rating: 8/10 + Rich, deep and tight bass

Sound Quality: 8/10 +Balanced sound with vibrant mids and clear highs

Comfort: 8/10 + Lightweight earbuds with sports ear hook for workouts

Value: 10/10 + Probably among the best bass earbuds at a reasonable price

The V-MODA Zn is one of the best bass earbuds available at a reasonable price with near-audiophile specifications and stellar audio performance. It’s newly developed, outstanding dynamic 8mm driver boosts tonal accuracy with very low distortion, and is all “hand-tuned” to complement the human hearing limit variance. It also features a precision zinc alloy metal housing which allows for a unique design and precision to deliver consistent acoustic quality. The patented active flex sport ear hook provides added security while the built-in-3-buttom remote mic allows you to take phone calls on your mobile device. The diamondback cable, which is 20x stronger than industry standard, provides added durability on these earbuds.

Going right to the sound, the Zn has a strong bass, a neutral (smooth, clean, uncolored) midrange, and a treble with plenty of energy and detail. Many earphone/IEMs have a rolloff in the lower bass following an upper-bass emphasis of some kind, but the Zn goes deep – really deep, as witnessed by tracks like Markus Schulz’s Mainstage. Some earphone/IEMs won’t even play that without breaking up, but the Zn delivers. Those who are familiar with the V-MODA M100 or Wireless will recognize much of that sound in the Zn, but the Zn has a little more ‘presence’ in the upper mids to lower treble. That said, the final analysis in bass-mids-treble balance depends greatly on the seal you get with the Zn’s eartips, so users should be willing to experiment with those to get the best balance. There are 8 total sets of eartips included – 4 black pairs and 4 translucent pairs.

Our overall impressions of the sound are that the Zn has nice warmth with a solid foundation of bass at the bottom, very musical and detailed mids, and a full smooth treble. Many pricy earbuds, particularly the classic ‘neutral’ models by Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, AKG etc. have a strong treble and a less-than-strong bass response. The Zn clearly outperforms the competition – here we have a strong deep bass at one end, and a treble at the other end that complements the bass very well. In between are mids that are made for music – music of all kinds. That said, we felt that the isolation seems average and it will help in moderately noisy situations, but won’t be a great noise stopper on jet planes or the tube. Leakage seems to be a non-issue. Soundstage is mostly dependent on the music, but it also varies according to the treble balance.

The V-MODA Zn is super comfortable even for those with fairly small ear canals. We found that using the stock ear buds were very comfortable and listening to music for hours did not tire our ears. These earbuds are also designed to be lightweight and portable. It also comes with detachable sport earhooks for the best fit and stability while running or working out. The 3-buttom Apple iOS control playback feature is great for controlling your music or answering calls on the go.

The Verdict? At this price, the V-MONA Zn represents true value for money and is absolutely one of the best bass earbuds in its category. We were absolutely blown away by the sound – the bass is rich, deep and tight. The mids are brilliantly vibrant and lively, and the highs are crystal-clear and literally dance in your ears. We have never quite encountered earbuds of such depth, dimension and balance at this price range. The clarity and precision of every minute detail in each song comes alive with these earbuds. This is definitely a tough feat to accomplish with earbuds, and V-Modal nailed it with these best bass earbuds.



Bass Rating: 9/10 + Substantial bass presence; bass hits hard and tight

Sound Quality: 9/10 +Extremely detailed highs and open sound stage

Comfort: 9/10 + Lightweight, small earpieces feel super comfortable in ears

Value: 9/10 + Reasonable price for audiophile entry-level IEMs

The RHA T20 earbuds are one of the best bass earbuds of 2016 in terms of design, portability and audio performance. It features a new Dual Coil technology where it has 2 separate coils on each earphone, one focusing on lows and mid-lows, while the other focusing on the highs and mid-highs. With this innovative design, the RHA T20 produces a high level of sound quality in terms of detail and accurate music reproduction. It also comes with interchangeable tuning filters, moldable over-ear hooks, and a metal injunction molded stainless steel construction. Apart from their stunning design, these are so small and light that they will really disappear when you insert them into your ears – they are probably one of the most comfortable in-ear monitors and best bass earbuds we’ve tested.

The frequency response on these earbuds is really something – it’s quite remarkable you can get such rich sound out of a single driver earphone. The mids are more pronounced on these which is nice for certain types of music. Furthermore, the bass on the earbuds is superb, rich and full sounding. We were very impressed with how much stronger, harder and tighter the bass was on these earbuds. If you are leaning towards a heavy bass side you will definitely enjoy these earbuds. The bass is hard enough to enjoy a variety of different kinds of music, but it’s not too overblown to ruin the enjoyment for other types of music. The bass is not overpowering or too boomy but its presence is much more present than in most other IEMs we’ve tested. These headphones do come with 3 different filters where you can tune the sound to meet your personal preferences.

Aside from the bass, every other aspect of the sound exudes quality. The sound stage is nice and open. The highs are detailed and nicely extended. The mids are clear and vocals sound great. All this makes for a very detailed and open sound with a boost in the low end.

It is worth noting that the designer of the acclaimed $1,500 Sennheiser HD800s also designed the RHA T20s. These earbuds give a solid look and feel with the steel moulding housing and are very well constructed. The cable appears to have some level of tangle free feature where it is not easily tangled up like other products. We found the design of these earbuds extremely sleek and comfortable when you try to fit them in your ears. The cables go behind your ears giving the feeling that the earpieces are secure in your ears and the cables out of the way on your face.

The noise isolation on T20s is great and it blocks out majority of the background noises, which helps you to enjoy your music better. That said, don’t expect it to be as good as noise cancellation as these are not designed to be noise cancellation. These earbuds do come with multiple different ear tips for your to play around and pick the ones that fit your ear best. It is noteworthy that you should pick the ear tip that covers the entirety of your ear canal for the best bass response.

The Verdict? Although the RHA T20s aren’t the cheapest pair of earbuds, they are highly value for money and one of the best bass earbuds in its category with a sleek and innovative design. The sound quality is phenomenal and you will thoroughly enjoy the sound quality from these earbuds – they are small earpieces with big sound deliver. Additionally, the product is backed by the 3 years manufacturing warranty from RHA which gives you peace of mind when coming down to purchasing these earbuds.


Bass Rating: 10/10 + Rock solid and deep bass

Sound Quality: 11*/10 ++ Phenomenal imaging, incredible sonic resolution, involving midrange and smooth extended trebles, superior noise isolation

Comfort: 10/10 + Lightweight, portable and comfortable quality earbuds

Value: 8/10 + Pricey earbuds essentially for audiophiles for are willing to pay for excellent sound

The Sennheiser IE 800s are one of the world’s best bass earbuds and essentially for audiophiles who want and demand excellent sound quality and are willing to pay for it. These are by far one of the finest (if not the finest) in-ear monitors we have tested. In our view, these IEMs are well the price given their phenomenal imaging, outstanding sonic resolution and superior noise isolation. They are precise yet musical. They are vastly open and three-dimensional, but naturally and musically so. These have now become the IEM standard for any music indication, including noisy airplane travel.

The IE800s boasts an impressive list of audiophile specifications that make these one of the best bass earbuds in the world. It features a dynamic linear-phase 7mm transducer for an extremely wide frequency response. The precision ceramic housing features attenuated dual-chamber absorber (D2CA) to deliver extremely low harmonic distortion even at high output levels. It has an ergonomic, oval-shaped sear adaptors for maximum comfort, and has a 16-ohm impedance level which compliments most portable audio devices including your iphone. It uses a 1.1m symmetrical, oxygen-free copper cable for the best transmission possible.

They are essentially “open ear” in ear monitors, as opposed to most/all other IEMs we have tested, which have a closed-ear design. This improves imaging characteristics because the speakers are not projecting into a closed cavity where air has nowhere to move. Looking at the open-ear design, we were initially concerned that noise isolation would be compromised and that these would not be suitable for airplane travel. We can confirm that this is not the case. Noise isolation is quite excellent.

There is no area of weakness. Bass is rock solid and deep, midrange is very involving and the treble is smooth and extended. You hear many more nuances in the recordings driven from iPhone 5 or MacBook Pro 13 inch retina late 2013 model. The beginning of We Belong (Pat Benetar) actually startled us with it’s dynamics and clarity. Other tracks were from All the Little Lights by Passenger, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and HD music including Ben Howard (Linn Records), Paper Tiger from Beck or Rebecca Pigeon. All were wonderful with super detail and separation of all the instruments instead of the jumbled mess one often encounters.

The soundstage on the IE800 is phenomenal, far better than any other IEM we have tested, and better than most headphones as well. The soundstage on these is similar in characteristics to the Sennheiser HD800. Though the latter (open ear headphones) are obviously superior, the IE800’s are similarly expensive and discrete. The soundstage is 3-dimensional, though obviously not as realistic as the HD800. The sonic resolution on these is also outstanding. You will hear details (such as musician’s breathing, swallowing, fingernails on keyboard, etc.) that you have not heard before. It is vastly superior to any other IEM’s we have auditioned or tested.

The Verdict? It is simply amazing what Sennheiser has been able to achieve in a sub $1000 IEM. These are extremely well made, and you will immediately perceive the care and love that went into crafting these IEMs. They are not only one of the best bass earbuds, but one of the best audiophile earbuds ever made and available on the market. The quality shows from the outside packaging all the way into the box and into the IEM’s themselves. Simply put, the Sennheisers are in a class of their own and you can tell that in the first ten seconds. It’s that obvious.



Bass Rating: 10/10 + Extremely tight and punchy bass

Sound Quality: 8/10 +”Fun” sound signature with excellent mid-range and treble

Comfort: 8/10 + Lightweight and portable; earpieces are slightly larger due to 4-driver design

Value: 8/10 + Slightly on the expensive range; value for money if you are looking for a high-performance audiophile earphone with tight bass

The Westone W40 Quad Driver is one of the best bass earbuds of 2016 that will take your listening experience to an entirely new level. The W40s have four balanced armature drivers and a 3-way crossover network that delivers very good clarity and realism with its micro balanced armature driver design. The comfort on theses earbuds are so good that when we tested them, it didn’t even feel as though they were in the ears, which makes the sounds stage much better than most IEMs. Included in the package are also high quality MFI G2 cables, premium comfort tips, mini-monitor vault and a 2-year warranty. The IEM and MMCX cable and connectors have awesome build quality.

The bass on the Westone W40 is extremely tight and punchy as compared to other IEMs due to its four driver design – these sound way tighter and natural. The pace, rhythm and timing are extremely fast due to the four driver system. The bass attacks and decays instantly, and when the song is bass heavy these IEMs came through with no distortion. The treble is so shimmery and well extended it is almost perfect; it has this nice airy tone to it which makes everything sound spacious and crystal clear without being sibilant or harsh.

We would also mention that the mids-range sounds extremely nice – when you hear the instruments it has better separation and speed – these earbuds captured every vocal nuance which is incredible for a set of small earbuds. You can hear the vocal chords reverberating with clarity like never before – listen to songs such as Taylor Swift, or Adele, and you will hear the different immediately.

The sound signature of the Westone W40 is best described as warm and smooth with an enhanced bass response. We were even go as far as to say that these have somewhat of a “fun” signature with more detailed extended bass with a nice quantity. Without a doubt the sound is very detailed and you will enjoy analysing every part of your favorite tune while rediscovering new elements you haven’t noticed before. With its 31 ohm impedence, we had no issues driving it directly from our Surface Pro as well as the laptop. These earbuds are definitely perfect for mobile use. In general, they have a very durable and rugged design and will work nicely for outdoor use as well.

In terms of comfort, these earbuds are very lightweight, low profile and comfortable to fit inside your earlobe. It has a very clever design considering the amount of technology they have to fit inside such a small device and still make it low profile so it doesn’t stick out. Although these best bass earbuds do not sound as open as the AKG or Sennheiser HD600s, they have a pretty massive soundstage thanks to the four-way drivers. The sound isolation is also very good – when wearing these on nothing goes out and nothing comes in – meaning it’s only you and your music.

The Verdict? We were quite surprised with what the Westone W40s had to offer and were very pleased with its warm and smooth sound with its extended bass impact. Its hands down one of the best bass earbuds in the market with an emphasis on extremely tight and punchy bass. Those who enjoy bass will be very pleased with their sound. Furthermore, the sound coming from the W40s are very detailed due to the four-driver design and cross-over network; they have very good sound precision and open soundstage. The W40s are super comfortable to wear and are lightweight.


JVC Kenwood HA-FX850 In-Ear Headphones

Bass Rating: 10/10 + Fabulous bass that doesn’t dilute the sound signature or midranges

Sound Quality: 9/10 +Spacious sound, realistic bass tones, and more extension in the treble

Comfort: 7/10 + Some of the largest IEMs; may need time to get used to them

Value: 10/10 + Unbeatable audiophile earbuds at a very reasonable price; the build quality is so impressive it’s like owning a piece of art

The JVC FX850s are one of the best bass earbuds and dynamic driver IEMs that we have ever heard. It also comes at a reasonable price too, and may be a suitable alternative to higher-end audiophile earbuds in terms of audio-performance depending on music tastes. The JVC woodies have always had great timbre and fabulous bass, but the FX850s are more balanced especially in the midrange than the previous JVC flagships. We would rate the sound performance as equal to or better than the Sony EX1000, Sennheiser IE800s and the HIFIMAN RE600.

The FX850 has a more resolving, realistic presentation than its predecessors. It has better bass, with a deeper and fuller tone on the low end. The FX850 has more space, a more realistic bass tone, and more extension in the treble. They are one of the most impressive best bass earbuds with a sense of scale we have never quite expected with wood-constructed earbuds. In a sense they sound more like headphones than earbuds – they have this full bottom end and richness. The mids are surprisingly smooth and transparent and the treble fairly extended without any peak or harshness whatsoever. The tonality feels quite natural.

The FX850 are pretty sensitive, meaning, they sound very good straight into an iphone. Fortunately, they do scale up and sound even better with a better/more powerful amp/DAC/DAP. When paired up, these earbuds are able to reproduce major amounts of clean and controlled bass – while at the same time not losing emphasis on the midrange and treble frequencies. Despite being bass-heavy, the FX850s do not muddle the other frequencies. The highs are clear and sharp, but not “etched” and not sibilant. The midrange is forward compared to the old 700’s. These features come all in a great set of earbuds, coupled with the fact that you can change cables and try the OCC Silver cables and any others you might wish to sample – the 850’s are versatile as well.

The build quality on the JVCs are so impressive down to every single detail – its essentially like a piece of art. JVC did not cut any corners with these. The FX 850s are beautiful and solid, built to last. They are however some of the biggest IEMs we have seen and it may take some time to get used to them. These best bass earbuds do need to burn in quite a bit for everything to settle down right. In fact, you may be a little overwhelmed with the amount of bass and may have to adjust the EQ settings. While the bass attracts the most attention at first, we are pleased to write that we were equally as impressed with the mediums/treble quality and sound signature as a whole.

The Verdict? The JVC FX850s, as JVC’s top offering earbuds, are undoubtedly one of the best bass earbuds we have ever heard. It is currently selling at a reasonable price, and could be a better value than some IEMs above the $400 range. If you are the type of listener who always bumps up the bass a few notches in the EQ section, you’ll probably be very surprised and impressed with what the FX850s can deliver.



Bass Rating: 10/10 +Mind-blowing bass extension and deep lows

Sound Quality: 9.5/10 +Very detailed sound reproduction; slightly recessed mids, bright and accurate highs

Comfort: 7/10 + The 3-way driver earpieces can be a little bulky, but ear tips are comfortable

Value: 10/10 +The H3s are a quarter of the price of other high-end audiophile earbuds

The Sony XBA H3s are absolutely fabulous and hands down one of the best bass earbuds with a unique hybrid 3-way driver for deep bass and radiant music detail. The earpieces have dedicated suppression housing for smooth frequency responses, and a beat response control for tight bass output. It’s magnesium inner housing and ABS exterior provides the necessary rigidity for smooth frequency response and vibration suppression for clear mid-high range sound reproduction. The noise isolation earbuds provide increased noise attenuation, and the package comes with hybrid silicone earbuds in 3 sizes to provide you with multiple options for a precise fit. The best about these earbuds is that they can be powered directly from an unamped ipod or mobile device, and yet produce stellar audio performance and tight bass.


When we first tested the H3s, we were quite stunned. The bass extension is mind blowing (we cannot emphasis this enough), treble is super bright and the mids are there too. The bass goes really, really deep. It is tight and controlled and in no way overshadows the mids – which is a pretty impressive feat considering the small size of these earbuds. The mids are slightly recessed, but present and enjoyable to listen to. The highs are bright and accurate; the more we listened to them, the more rounded the highs got and the treble seemed to smooth out a bit.

We really liked the construction quality a lot. The cables are detachable and easily replaced should anything go wrong – this is a feature that all higher-end earbuds have. The finish is top-notch and the earbuds definitely have an overall air of quality. The H3s are generally comfortable and give a good amount of external noise suppression. On the iPad air, they produce ample volume without the need for amplifiers. That said, a portable earphone amp helps, and you would be surprised at how much stronger, but smooth and cleaner across the spectrum – the H3s sounded by putting the excellent Sony PHA-2 earphone amplifiers in the path.

What really surprised us was that the Sony H3s offers maybe 80-90% of the performance of the Shure 846, but at a quarter of the price. Depending on your audio tastes, you might not even notice any difference, especially when listening to over-compressed digital music. The bass and the midrange of the H3s were really well behaved, and we wouldn’t at all hesitate to take the H3s when travelling or on the go. Our suggestion is to get a pack of comply T200 foam tips with your order – the isolation will improve and so will comfort.

That said, the H3s are a little large and may be a bit heavy in the ear. The loop around the ear can be uncomfortable if not positioned correctly, although this was no biggie for us. There is also no volume control for apple devices, although it comes with a mic included.

The Verdict? At the price, the Sony H3s are real high-end earbuds, and if you are looking around for some of the best bass earbuds, the Sony H3 deserves an audition. With a 3-way driver unit installed it should not come as a surprise that the Sony delivers the sound of a big headphone in a compact portable package. We would even go as far as to say that it compares to big headphones such as the Audio Technica ATH-AD1000. The XBA-H3s has nothing to hide and every reason to shine – they are definitely one of the best bass earbuds available in the market. We highly recommend them if you are looking for one of the best sounding earbuds with tight bass and stellar audio performance at a reasonable price.



Bass Rating: 8/10 +Extremely tight and deep bass; audiophile bass head delight

Sound Quality: 7.5/10 +Mid-bass and lower midrange emphasis; slightly recessed trebles at the higher ends

Comfort: 10/10 + Extremely lightweight and probably the most comfortable earbuds on this list

Value: 9/10 + High quality earbuds selling slightly above $100

The Klipsch X10 is the answer to bass heads looking for one of the best bass earbuds that are super comfortable and produces enough bass to rattle your head. They are by far one of the smallest and lightest earbuds due to its featherweight aluminium body designed by Klipsch. They are equipped with a full range balanced armature for audiophile quality sound, and superior noise isolation for an amazing bass response. It’s oval ear tips provide superior comfort, passive noise cancellation and enhanced bass. They are exquisitely premium best bass earbuds that are sonically astounding and with comfort beyond belief. At the time of writing, the X10 is are now selling at a very reasonable price slightly above $100 per set.

The X10s are very good earbuds sonically, except that they have that “enclosed” sound you get from noise isolating earbuds. The X10’s bass is absolutely tight and punchy – the X10 can rattle your head with bass. There were many times when we felt like our ear canals were vibrating with bass. The sound signature of the X10 has a mid-bass and lower midrange emphasis, slightly recessed treble at the high end, and is excellent with a sound amplifier. The Klipsch X10 sounds more accurate as well when compared to its predecessors. Furthermore, the bass frequencies are present without being overwhelming and the mid and high frequencies are crystal clear.

The X10 is so comfortable that it’s like you’re not wearing anything at all; there’s just music in your ears. They are so comfortable that they just disappear from the ability to feel them. They are so comfortable and tiny that you can literally wear them lying down on your side in the bed with your ear on the pillow. The ear tips provide excellent noise isolation with the bi-flange tips as well as the Comply TX-100 or Shure Olives. The ear tips give a perfect seal for optimal bass response.

In terms of build quality, the X10 has a square cord reinforced with Kevlar. The package comes with small, medium and large single-flange oval gel tips, small and large bi-flange oval gel tips, shirt clip, airplane adaptor and magnetic-clasp carrying pouch. The Klipsch X10 is extremely lightweight – they are also perfect for taking outdoor walks or jogs in the park and won’t fall off.

The Verdict? The Klipsch X10 is essentially one of the best bass earbuds we have ever tried – the bass on these earbuds is so deep that it will literally rattle your ears with bass. It’s an incredible bass head audiophile delight that will deliver amazing sound quality without any distortion or muddiness in the mid-range or treble. Furthermore, these are built to be extremely lightweight and comfortable; you won’t feel a thing while wearing these earbuds and they are perfect if you like to travel around with them and listen to music.

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