There is no way to shut this singing teddy bear!


This cute, cuddly teddy bear has the power to ruin friendships.

Just launched on Kickstarter, the Annoying Teddy Bear is a prank toy that sings Happy Birthday on repeat until its battery dies — or until you go mad break out the baseball bat and beat the living lights out of it.

The Annoying Teddy Bear is a project by Cornelius Malcolm Wilson and his 8-year-old daughter Mikayla. At first we thought it was a joke, but it’s real and they’re asking for help to make 50,000 of these little devils.

“We spent more than two years crafting the perfect annoying teddy bear that would piss off someone you dislike or like,” the company’s website states. “We hand selected the finest materials from around the world to provide the highest quality teddy bear. We found the most respected seamstress to carefully craft our teddy bear. We performed a quality control test with over two dozen people to help us reach the perfect annoyance level.”


If a teddy bear that sings nonstop isn’t your style, they’re also selling the Jester Greeting Card, a prank card that works the same and plays a song until its battery dies or you burn it. Jester Greeting Cards sell for $13, but can be had for $12 from Kickstarter.

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