This magic wand will render your tape measure totally obsolete


There’s possibly nothing more annoying than getting confused at Ikea when you’re trying to furnish your new place. Tape measures break, you forget the dimensions of your apartment — the whole ordeal can be a mess.

But what if you had a magic wand that could glide over everything and make precise measurements for you without the hassle?

Well, that’s basically what InstruMMent’s 01 device is. Now on IndieGoGo for $149, with an estimated launch in December, the 01 device is a gadget that makes precise measurements using a tiny rubberized wheel and a laser.

Use the 01 to trace over whatever you need to measure and InstruMMents will supposedly get it to 0.1mm precision. The measurements then save automatically to the InstruMMents app and can be sent to anyone — whether or not they have the app. So, no more frantically calling your spouse to quickly measure the space between the door and the window when you’re out shopping.

The app, which is available on iOS and Android, also allows you to convert your measurements back and forth between different units and scales. But just in case you want to jot anything down, you can buy the device with a stylus, pencil or pen on the other side.

InstruMMents was founded by Mladen and Boris Barbaric, creators of the popular Misfit Shine smartwatch. Sonny Vu, CEO of Misfit and the CTO and president of Fossil connected devices, is also a co-founder and investor of the new company.

“I wanted to make something for me,” Mladen Barbaric told Mashable in a recent interview, “something I would use.”

Mladen says the device is ideal for engineers, interior decorators — anyone with a design background who needs tools to sketch and measure. But it sounds like it’ll also be pretty useful for anyone attempting a DIY.


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