Three new Final Fantasy games coming to iOS, and FFVII isn’t one of them

Square Enix will be making RPG fans very happy in 2015 with three new Final Fantasy apps for iOS, Famitsu reports. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Final Fantasy Legends: Crystal of Time, and a Final Fantasy Portal App are all headed to Apple’s mobile platform next year.

Brave Exvius and Crystal of Time are both actual games, with the former appearing more like a traditional Final Fantasy game, played on a horizontal screen, and the latter offering a hand-drawn comic style, with all the screenshots showing gameplay on a vertically oriented screen. The Final Fantasy Portal App will act as a news hub with details on games and other information, along with a built-in card game originally found in Final Fantasy VIII. All apps will be free-to-play, so expect some “optional” paid content.

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