Vodafone ends broadband line rental costs: All you need to know


Vodafone has just announced that it’s ditching broadband line rental charges, but how does it work, what does it mean for Vodafone customers, who else can apply and what internet packages are included? Here’s everything you need to know about the sudden changes to line rental costs, and what it means for rivals.

Home internet can often sound really affordable when you see the adverts and hear the marketing buzz. That is, until you factor in the line rental fees, which can often more than double the price you end up paying for your web access.

However, Vodafone has decided to make what it says is an industry first move by ditching line rental charges entirely. The mobile provider says the result is some of the most affordable tariffs out there, when compared to Vodafone’s biggest rivals.

Vodafone broadband with free line rental: How does it work and is it just for existing customers?

Vodafone’s free line rental deal means that existing Vodafone customers will be able to subscribe for home broadband and still get a home phone line too, but will only pay one rate for both. All you need to do is sign up for one of the new internet packages to take advantage.

Good news if you’re not already on Vodafone, too. This lack of line rental charges not only applies to upgrading customers, but to new users too. You’ll just need to switch provider when your existing contract is up. However, new customers will have to pay a little extra on some broadband packages compared with existing Vodafone customers.

Vodafone broadband with free line rental: Which internet packages include free line rental?

The Vodafone Home Broadband package includes line rental, which means you can have a home phone line, and also offers fibre internet connections for high-speed online access.

The Vodafone Unlimited Fibre Broadband 38 option offers, according to the company, “the lowest price for unlimited fibre broadband in the UK market versus major broadband providers”. This starts at £22 per month for existing customers.

All the Vodafone fibre broadband options offer unlimited data and high-speed connectivity UK wide. They are all on 18-month contracts though, where the competition generally offers 12-month contract options.

While anybody can sign up for this contract, the best prices on at least one tariff will be reserved for Vodafone mobile customers. Anyone with a Vodafone mobile contract will save £3 per month on the Vodafone Unlimited Fibre Broadband 38 subscription.

Vodafone broadband with free line rental: How much does it cost?

Across the Vodafone Home Broadband range there are a selection of options that vary in speed and price to suit needs.

The Vodafone Unlimited Fibre 17 is £22 per month for current and new customers.

The Vodafone Unlimited Fibre 38 is £22 per month for Vodafone customers or £25 per month for new subscribers.

The top-end Unlimited Fibre 76 is £28 per month for all customers.

Vodafone broadband with free line rental: How does the cost compare with rivals?

Comparing the prices of Vodafone’s offerings with those of the competition, at least one tariff looks very appealing.

According to Vodafone, its top-end Unlimited Fibre Broadband 76 contract with 76mbps connection offers a saving (across 18 months) of £349 when compared to Sky’s 76mbps equivalent. It should also save customers £332 over the BT Infinity 76mbps equivalent broadband subscription.

Vodafone also says that this contract costs £129 less than TalkTalk’s 76mbps offering and represents a £188 saving over Virgin Media’s 100mbps connection. All of those are 12-month contracts except for the Vodafone and TalkTalk deals, which are both 18-month commitments.

Vodafone line rental free broadband: What else can it do?

The Vodafone broadband connection and phone line aren’t all you get with this liner rental free deal. You also get some funky features with the Vodafone router.

For instance, there’s a Boost option that will deliver the fastest speeds to certain devices on the network when specified by the user – ideal for watching HD telly on your tablet, for example.

The Beam function uses what’s called Beamforming technology to send a stronger Wi-Fi signal to compatible devices, allowing them to move about the home without losing connection.

Family Time is a nice function that allows parents to manage access times and set limits so their little ones aren’t given free reign – perfect for dinner and homework times.

Guest Wi-Fi is another option which makes access for visitors simple as a single click – no more digging out the password to get them logged on then.

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