Well I hope Neil Young will remember, an iPhone man don’t need him around anyhow


Remember Neil Young’s PonoPlayer? The Kickstarter campaign for the vintage rocker’s “revolution in music listening” raised a huge US$6.2 million, with notables like Norah Jones, Elvis Costello and Tom Petty spouting about how the new $400 music playing box made them “feel the music” more than standard digital music players. Well, industry pundit and former professional musician David Pogue took on PonoPlayer in a Yahoo! Tech post last week, finding that a majority of listeners in a blind test actually preferred playback of music from an iPhone over the pricy and oddly-shaped yellow block.

I’ll let you read the full article from Pogue over at that other site, but the gist of it is that a) most people cannot hear or “feel” the difference of the Pono playback, b) many songs in the Pono store have not yet been remastered in the 192kHz/24-bit format Pono is promising, and c) it’s a lot cheaper to buy a pair of good headphones and use your iPhone than buy a new player and re-purchase all of your music.

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