Will Apple be launching an AR device in 2017?


While the likes of Google, Samsung and Sony have firmly jumped aboard the train to the virtual realm, Apple has waited patiently at the platform.

The possibility of Apple following suit appears very slim, especially considering CEO Tim Cook’s recent comments about the technology.

But that doesn’t mean Apple will duck out of augmented reality, too. In fact, that’s an area it seems very much interested in being a major player in.

Until now we’ve heard no real hints at when such a platform could arrive, but reliable KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has now shared his thoughts on the Cupertino giant’s ambitions.

Kuo believes Apple will introduce an augmented reality device in the next two years, with a note to investors obtained by AppleInsider revealing how he also thinks the iPhone could act as the foundation to the fresh tool.

Right now, no other details about the potential AR device are known. Apple could use it to make a huge splash during the 10th anniversary of the iPhone next year, but it’s probably more likely it will be aiming for a 2018 launch.

If and when the company does let you enter the augmented realm, it’s a safe bet it will be providing the market with an innovative and fresh direction, given the fact it’s already missed much of the preamble period.

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