Win over your loved one this Valentine’s Day with HTC’s phone discounts


Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which can signal good or bad things for your love life. Whichever camp you might find yourself in, why not add to the love in the air with HTC’s Seven Days of Sappiness?

The week-long promotion centers around three HTC smartphones: the One M9, One A9, and HTC 10. The One M9 receives the deepest discount, as the phone goes from its original $650 price tag to $400. The phone is a bit long in the tooth, seeing how it was HTC’s 2015 flagship, but its octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and 20-megapixel camera help it remain relevant.

Meanwhile, the One A9 drops from $500 to $300 and is available in Carbon Gray, Deep Garnet, Opal Silver, and Topaz Gold. As is the case with the One M9, the One A9 is a bit old at this point, given its release in the latter half of 2015, but its discounted price helps it compete nicely with the likes of the Moto G4 Plus and Honor 6X. It also helps that the phone was recently updated to Android 7.0 Nougat, something neither of the two aforementioned phones can say just yet. The One A9 can be purchased unlocked or with support for a specific carrier, though the price remains the same.

Finally, the HTC 10 gets knocked down from $700 to $550 and is available in black, silver, gold, and red. The price remains the same regardless of whether you buy the phone unlocked or with a specific carrier in mind. The discounted helps position the HTC 10 nicely against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7, and we particularly liked its clean software and solid audio capabilities.

Phones are not the only discounted products as all accessories are 50 percent off. HTC specifically calls out the JBL Reflect Aware USB Type-C earphones, which now cost $100 — half the regular price.

All three phones include free shipping, HTC’s Uh-Oh Protection, and either a travel water mug or notepad as a small gift. Some lucky folks will also get free power charges and phones with their orders. The Seven Days of Sappiness promotion lasts through Friday, February 17


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